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Эргономичный и легкий стул для руководителей Aston от известной итальянской мебельной компании Arper идеально подходит как для дома, так и для работы. Модель была разработана знаменитым французским архитектором и дизайнером Жаном-Мари Массо и впервые выпущена в 2006 году.

The Aston executive chair is remarkable for its linear profile and aerodynamic lines that are engineered for comfort and performance. The model has the mechanics sheathed in its sleek form. Aston is available in three different back heights: Conference, Office and Direction.

The Aston Direction chair is covered in leather or fabric available in a wide range of colors. The model is available in four-way base with swivel mechanism, automatic seat repositioning mechanism and tilt adjustment or five-way base with castors and height-adjustment mechanism.

The Aston Collection is GreenGuard certified.

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