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We offer a set of furniture Frezza — Velvet — Set No. 1 for the executive office at a very attractive price — 3 822 euros.

Velvet executive system — Set No. 2 is made of American walnut veneer. The legs are made of aluminum painted in black.

Velvet is an executive office system created by Italian office furniture manufacturer Frezza. Velvet embodies the needs of a contemporary office with great attention for aesthetic and ecological topics. Comfortable, ergonomic and high-quality, the model is produced of eco-friendly, sustainable materials and manufactured according to the most advanced technologies.

The furniture arrangements and color scheme were created by our leading designers.

To place an order and get a consultation, please contact us by phone at +7 (495) 797−90−10, via Whatsapp at +7 (916) 993−80−05, or use the request form on our website.

Other cabinet options are also available — we will be happy to advise you!

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