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Ayo is an executive chair with a flowing outline and an overall image of calm, elegance and confidence. The model is produced by one of the leading Austrian furniture manufacturers Wiesner Hager. Ayo was designed by German design studio Arge2.

The concept of Ayo stands for a design that is moving with the times. The double net mesh of the frame creates a three-dimensional body with volume, at the same time retaining a quality of lightness. The seat foam and seat suspension are breathable, regulating temperature and moisture. The double covering of mesh at the back acts as an air cushion. This ensures balancing of the inside and outside temperatures.

There is synchro-adjustment of seat depth and backrest height, which means that Ayo can be perfectly adapted to your body size. The synchro-mechanism, which is a new and ultra-sensitive development, ensures that the seat and back move in perfect relation to one another.

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