The innovativeness of Alfa-Laboratory is emphasized by the use of superheroes and street art motives in the office design, which are non-traditional for banking sphere. In addition to the open space, the office features multiple soundproof meeting rooms, a convertible conference room, two outdoor terraces and a games area.

Meetings and discussions in the Laboratory are very frequent, so meeting rooms are equipped with screens in front of them that provide up-to-date information about their availability and allow to book the room for a certain time. Open space is visually divided into groups and departments using color elements and different configurations of clusters of workspaces. Even the walls of the Laboratory are specifically designed so that one can draw schemes or write down their freshest ideas on them.

In short, the new office has everything to maintain the unique creative atmosphere conducive to the development of innovative products.

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Business center «Danilovskaya Manufactory» Varshavskoe highway, 9 building 1 «Sittsevy», 1st floor, 2nd entrance, Russia, Moscow
+7 (495) 797-90-10
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