Deutsche Bank (IT Department)

For the IT-department of one of the leading international banks Deutsche Bank architects have created an extremely functional, traditional and reserved style layout. The branch office occupies three floors of the NordStar business center and accommodates more than 800 people.

The entrance area and the open work areas are remarkable for monochrome color palette, while the informal communication zones include bright color accents and are furnitured with orange and green high-back chairs. The workplaces are universal and are not divided into sections, which allows for distributing them in any order, and the arrangement of desks in a row along the front of the light ensures equal conditions for each employee.


On each floor, one can find a coffee point with wall panels, where employees can write or draw, and built-in shelves with books brought by the workers themselves. Also, on each floor there are 4 small separate offices, various meeting rooms as well as active recreation areas with ping-pong tables. Concept became the supplier of all the furniture for the office.

The information and photos are taken from the Officenext website: Deutsche Bank (IT Department).

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Business center «Danilovskaya Manufactory» Varshavskoe highway, 9 building 1 «Sittsevy», 1st floor, 2nd entrance, Russia, Moscow
+7 (495) 797-90-10
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