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Epica is a collection of chairs with an attractive and revolutionary design due to a particular integrated rotation system. The line is produced by Gaber, an Italian manufacturer of high repute, that specializes in plastics, combined with metal, wood and upholstery. The collection offers a wide choice of chairs for public places such as canteens, cafes, restaurants and food-courts. The design of the Epica line was created by the industrial designer Marc Sadler with more than four decades of experience working for leading companies in a variety of sectors.

The Epica collection is a mix of timeless design between classic and the contemporary. It is skilfully engineered, features first-class ergonomics and is made with the respect for the environment during the production and life of the product. Epica is made entirely of technopolymer. Epica-Eco version is made entirely of wood pulp. The seat is available in the fixed version, 360 ° swivel or with swivel-and-return movement, allowing the seat to ping back to its original position all on its own.

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