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ReGeneration is an office chair notable for its simplicity and minimal use of materials and components. The model was designed by New Zealand-based studio Formway Design in 2011. The ReGeneration chair is produced by worldwide, internationally recognized furniture manufacturer Knoll.

The straightforward design of ReGeneration leverages flexible and durable materials that respond to your movements, providing comfort and support throughout the day. With an eye toward conserving resources, ReGeneration uses recycled, rapidly-renewable and biobased materials and redefines efficiency in both sustainability and value.

ReGeneration features simple, minimal adjustments and responsive performance. The model supports the body’s natural tendency to move, promoting comfort and freedom of movement. The ReGeneration chair has a slim profile back with contoured frame and optional upholstery providing the comfort of foam and fabric. The chair integrates the weight-compensated, adjustment-free Dynamic Suspension Control that allows to reduce the spinal loads and makes the model highly durable.

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