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The leading Italian brand Sitland presents a collection of modern sofas and armchairs Cell128, Cell75 and Cell72.

Cell 128. Minimal design, maximum comfort.

The Dorigo design seating system, featuring the original extra-height back, designed for discretion and relaxation. Cell128 offers private moments of solitude, precious for a pause or an unexpected work session. An elegant coffee table, with rotating top and support, adds to the comfort of the decor, with possible customisation with a pop-up USB charger.


Cell128 is a synthesis of comfort, elegance and functionality. It provides the ideal space for working or making phone calls without distraction thanks to its high back sound absorbing structure. The back panels of Cell128 are perfectly sound absorbing (Acoustically tested to UNI EN ISO 354:2003). They reduce the external noise facilitating the conversation and creating a calming place for concentration.

Cell 75. Comfort serving every room.

Conference halls, waiting rooms, transit areas. A seat classed as comfortable has to accommodate users ergonomically and tastefully, becoming an essential and at the same time invisible support. Cell75 is the range of small armchairs and sofas, a simplified version of the Cell128 collection, ideal for contract and large reception areas. It is available with base or legs, in wood or steel finish. The height of the backrest is 780mm.

Cell 72. The richness of spaces and ideas.

A version of Cell128, Cell72 is the collection of two-seater sofas and armchairs in the version with low back (height 750mm), designed to meet needs of open compositions. Sophisticated and functional, the seating space can be completed by the coffee table with rotating support, easily coordinated or stand alone. Available in many colours and finishes, it is presented with different bases in wood or steel finish.

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