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Poi is an office chair notable for high seating comfort and ergonomic functionality. The model is produced by one of the leading Austrian furniture manufacturers Wiesner Hager. Poi was designed by German-based studio Neunzig Design. The shell of the chair has an enveloping effect and conveys a feeling of security and protection. The color variations of the seat upholstery add a certain touch to the office.

Poi can be precisely adapted to the dimensions of the user’s body. The laterally arranged quick adjustment of spring force ensures that the reclining pressure can be very easily adapted to the body weight. Additionally, the next-generation synchro-mechanism, which is a new and ultra-sensitive development, ensures that the seat and back move in perfect relation to one another.

A sliding seat permits the horizontal adjustment of the seat depth. In combination with the optional adjustable lumbar support, the infinitely variable seat height, and the multi-dimensional arm rests enables the chair to be perfectly adapted to fit every body type. Its versatility turns Poi into an eye-catcher in each and every ambience. The ergonomic and dynamic back frame in black or white is covered with a semi-transparent net mesh. There are four mesh colors available for visual differentiation.

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