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The ergonomic office chair IN by German manufacturer of office furniture Wilkhahn offers a unique combination of natural, three-dimensional sitting dynamics with superb comfort and a feeling of well-being. The company has developed a patented technology used in this chair that will allow you to activate your bodies and minds, concentrate better and relax more effectively.

The three-dimensional mechanics called Trimension, which lies at the core of the concept, encourages your hips to move and securely maintains your body’s center of gravity whatever posture you adopt. The three-dimensional movements activate the entire back without tiring the body. Whichever position the owner takes, their body’s center of gravity stays between the pivotal sections and remains in perfect balance.

The IN chair is not only outstanding from a technical point of view, its design is also impressive. Distinctive pivotal points and a young athletic aesthetic make it a high-quality eye-catcher that’s understated at the same time. The model is available in a variety of covers offered in a wide range of colors.

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