Online customer support

We provide constant online support to our customers during the entire period of work on the project.

In addition to necessary personal meetings, our managers provide the customer with proper online support within the entire period of working on the project. The team principle of the sales department helps to professionally carry out and control the process at all stages of work. For any issue arising during the project, our specialists of the project team are constantly in touch with the customer:

  • Business Developer — a team leader with extensive experience in project work in the furniture business and real estate. He leads the total project management, ensures the effective work of the entire team, conducts basic negotiations and approvals with the customer, controls the process of preparing and signing the contract.

  • Architect — a highly professional specialist in the field of corporate design. He develops design solutions, prepares drawings with furniture arrangement, creates presentations, selects furniture and finishes, works together with Concept visualizer to create 3D visualizations for the project. If a design project is created by an external architectural company, our architect is in contact with the specialists of this company on all issues and at all stages of the project.

  • Business Coordinator — a manager who performs price calculations and preparation of a commercial proposal. He coordinates work with suppliers, negotiates additional discounts, places orders to the factory, prepares order documentation for the accounting and logistics departments.

  • Project Manager — a manager who coordinates the work at the stage of project implementation. He supervises the work of the logistics and service departments, coordinates with the customer the readiness of the site for installation of furniture, ensures the organization of delivery and the well-coordinated work of installation team, manages the signing process of Act of delivery and acceptance of services.

In addition to personal e-mails, phone and WhatsApp numbers of the project team managers, Concept is always at full disposal to the client by the general phone and e-mail of the company, where the office manager will provide with a quick answer to any urgent question or connect with a right colleague.

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