Workplace consulting

While making Workplace consulting, we identify problems and tasks of the workspace to consider them when developing a more efficient solution for this space or for the future office of the customer.

Workplace consulting is one of the initial stages of working on a project. This is diagnostics and analysis of the existing workspace of the customer. The purpose is to develop recommendations for more efficient use of the same space or find the most effective solution for the future office (that is an important issue while designing project by architects).

In close communication with the customer and project partners, we collect and analyze information as follows:

  • number of groups of employees and models of their interaction
  • functions, structure, culture and goals of organizing workplaces of each group
  • the productivity of existing workstations and the need for workstations in future

We are also discussing the following issues:

  • expectations of employees for the organization of their work in future
  • difficulties associated with using the workspace
  • opportunities for the future organization of workplaces and unique areas for each group

At the Workplace consulting stage, we analyze the existing tasks and problems of the workspace, and take them into consideration when creating an effective and unique solution for the customer’s new office.

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