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Friedrich-Wilhelm Dauphin founded Dauphin in 1969 in a small town in Bavaria, Germany, as a specialist in ergonomic office seating. Inspired by research forecasting a sharp rise in the use of computers in the workplace, Dauphin set out to build a company that offered high quality ergonomic seating and cutting edge technology at reasonable prices.

With 23 sales and production companies in Germany and abroad as well as numerous licensees and representatives in 81 countries, the Dauphin Group is one of the leading office seating manufacturers in Europe. On average, 2,000 chairs per day are produced at the group’s production facilities around the world. Around 1,500 of these are produced in Offenhausen alone.

The philosophy of the company focuses on people. To be precise, people who sit, so-called «homo sedens». Whether you are large or small, work in an office or at home, or require chairs for conference rooms or reception areas, the key principle behind Dauphin’s HumanDesign® philosophy is to provide optimum seating solutions.

Nowdays Dauphin HumanDesign® Group includes 5 brands: Dauphin, Trendoffice, Züco, Bosse, and Dauphin Home.


Dauphin achieves the goal of providing ergonomic solutions for sedentary people by carrying out its own fundamental research focusing on people’s physical and mental well-being.


Trendoffice makes sure the users of their products don‘t work just anywhere, but where they feel most comfortable.


Züco is a traditional manufacturer of furniture for public areas. Bold design, the most exclusive materials and hand-made Swiss quality are what make its chair and table ranges so successful.


Bosse uses its competence, technology and innovative ideas to harmonize the demands of a changing working environment with people’s needs.

Dauphin Home

Dauphin Home produces home collections that create harmonious interiors.

Dauphin HumanDesign Group Products

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