The Italian company Rexsitt was established in 1970 by Emilio Gollinucci. The manufacturer specializes on upholstery for home and office chairs. Rexsitt is a name that expresses the pursuit of the highest quality. The first part of the name «rex» derives from the Latin word «re» which means «king», and the second component «sitt» stands for «seating».

Over the years the firm began to develop the concept of a complete office chair production, while its technical department has gained considerable experience in the field of ergonomics and more advanced construction technologies, thanks to close collaboration with high specialized Italian and European suppliers.

Today Rexsitt is proud to introduce their product demonstrating the high level of technical quality and innovative solutions.

All seats produced by Rexsitt feature a stylish design and are made of high quality materials. Due to its excellent upholstery, each chair provides a sense of incredible comfort. Sitting in a chair is not only pleasant, but also useful, as the design of the furniture is impressively ergonomic. In addition, this exclusive and practical furniture is offered in a wide palette of colors, thus allowing you to find a suitable solution acording to the color scheme of the interior of an apartment or office.

Rexsitt Products

Business center «Danilovskaya Manufactory» Varshavskoe highway, 9 building 1 «Sittsevy», 1st floor, 2nd entrance, Russia, Moscow
+7 (495) 797-90-10
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