The Italian brand Tacchini was founded in 1965 by Antonio Tacchini. Established in one of the richest moments for design and Italian industry development, the company stood out for high quality and its indissoluble relation with contemporary design right away. Famous designers such as Gianfranco Frattini, Christophe Pillet, Patrick Norguet, Pietro Arosio, Gordon Guillaumier and others created their models for the brand. Tacchini is nowadays a reference point in furniture business, thanks to its constant stylistic and functional research, project and product culture, care for people and environment.

The Tacchini collections and designs are about more than just production and processes. The history of this family, and of the company that bears its name, is interwoven with the history of Italian and international design: each chapter was written with care and attention to detail, and each product reflects this passion. All Tacchini products are manufactured in the verdant area of Brianza between Milan and Como, with its strong tradition of Italian manufacture and craft. All the materials and semi-finished products come from a zone of about 50 km around the Tacchini plant and this, as well as allowing direct control of their quality, also enables the pollution and energy consumption deriving from their transport to be reduced to a minimum.

With its furniture, Tacchini wants to improve home and public spaces’ quality, in a world dominated by constant changing in needs, technologies and new lifestyles. That’s why Tacchini always analyses and improves its products and services with creativity and responsibility. The result is an uninterrupted «work in progress» of original and versatile solutions, suitable for every environment and situation, able to arouse emotions day by day and to last in time. In the contract business, this enables it to express the quality of its products, using the best materials and complying with the strictest standards and certifications.

Places of work or relax, hotels, airports, stadiums, wellness centres or shopping malls, all become the stage on which Tacchini can express the uniqueness of its designs, their durability, comfort and versatility.

Tacchini Products

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