Concept has implemented a furniture supply project for the Central Sales Office of the Ingrad Group in Moscow, Krasnoproletarskaya str. 2, building 4

Ingrad Group is a large investment and development company that specializes in the construction of residential property of comfort and business class. The Ingrad group of companies keeps leading positions in the ratings of developers in terms of the volume of current construction in Russia and the Moscow region.

The glass case of the Ingrad Central Sales Office overlook the Garden Ring. The space of the client area of the 1st floor is Ingrad’s «visit card»: it demonstrates innovative technologies, following trends and caring for the comfort of customers. Concept’s furniture project expresses the essence of these success factors.

The client area presents miniature mockups of all housing estates of Ingrad. They are placed on bespoke illuminated expo-pedestals supplied by Concept. For the delivery of the largest pedestal into the office, fragments of the glass case were temporarily demounted.

The giant «windows» of the reception desk and coffee-point, made of yellow artificial stone, are the spectacular central decorative elements of the client area. To decorate the fronts of high cabinets, painted MDF panels were used and ideally matched the color of the «windows». The comfortable waiting area has sofas and soft poufs of various shapes and dimensions. Comfortable meeting rooms are equipped with designed ergonomic furniture made in Europe. In addition to a large number of built-in furniture and sophisticated custom-made interior elements, furniture of European brands Andreu World, Pedrali, Narbutas, Cascando, is installed on the 1st floor.

Concept furniture project also includes 2−5 floors, where office furniture for employees is installed, and managers' offices are equipped with furniture from the large Italian brand Frezza. One of the most challenging tasks of the project was the furnishing of the VIP space on the 6th floor, where the Reception desk, wood wall covering and built-in furniture were fully customized.

Watch a short video review of the client area of the Central Sales Office of INGRAD.

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