Presentation of Renz and Wilkhahn in our showroom

On September 26th, the day of its 26th anniversary, Concept held the presentation of two German furniture brands Wilkhahn and Renz in its showroom.

Furniture collections produced by the renowned German furniture factory specializing in the production of ergonomic office chairs Wilkhahn and the leading European office furniture manufacturer Renz help Concept create unique workspaces.

The event took the format of a cocktail reception. Among the invited guests were leading architectural bureaus, representatives of Russian and foreign companies, as well as journalists.

The leaders of the companies spoke at the presentation: the owner of the Renz company, Eckart Renz, and export director of Wilkhahn, Julian Milius.

In addition, an exposition of the photographer and Leica Camera ambassador in Russia Kir Simakov was organized in the showroom.

The famous musicians, virtuosos, composers, arrangers, and soloists of the Moscow Philharmonic — guitarist Vitaly Kis and pianist Sergey Filatov, performed at the height of the evening.

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