Salon Internazionale Del Mobile 2019

In April, Concept employees participated in The Milan Furniture Fair (Salon Internazionale Del Mobile) exhibition, one of the most important events for European designers and furniture manufacturers. iSaloni has been held annually since 1961.

Here, at iSaloni, the furniture and interior fashion is formed, the development trends of the furniture market for the upcoming years are determined. The exhibition attracts the leaders of the global furniture industry, representing the latest fashion trends in the field of interior design.

One of the main trends which iSaloni introduces this year is the rapid development of the idea that high-end furniture should not only be attractive and flawless in its finish, but also comfortable and functional. Namely, the use of various types of automatic and mechanical adjustment in upholstered furniture and tables.

As a striking example, the company Sierre presents a remotely adjustable leather sofa. The brand has been working on the development of a mobile application that allows for «controlling» the sofa from your phone. Moreover, the brand demonstrates a leather chaise lounge with drop-down armrests, which lets you comfortably sit as well as stand on its side.

The well-known German brand DRAENERT demonstrates unique adjustable tables made of various natural stones (quartzite, marble, etc.). The weight and size of the tables can be very large, but the mechanical adjustment is made literally «with one touch», requiring no effort at all.

In the segment of upholstered furniture, the use of gunny fabric stays rather popular. However, unlike the previous iSaloni event with domination of natural, calm shades of a beige, this year gray became the new trend with bright accents in additional details and accessories. Moreover, the trendy gunny fabric acquired a glossy shine.

Modern Always is the position of the world-famous company Knoll, the legendary brand and the main partner of Concept. Indeed, the Knoll exposition at iSaloni demonstrates all the current trends at once: here you can find the Florence Knoll sofa, the icon of the brand in gunny fabric, black marble items in matte finish, the chairs in gray with glitter upholstery created by Piero Lissoni, as well as a large marble table equipped with an automatic flap for cable output.

Andreu World demonstrates two most popular trends on iSaloni: black marble in a matte finish with an acrylic coating that doesn’t show fingerprints and natural wood with no visible cover (the effect of a completely natural material without finishing). Large round tables with a rotating central segment are also one of the most popular trends at the exhibition.

The selection of color compositions is a trend at iSaloni. The Scab Design brand demonstrates several color zones with different pieces of furniture that have a common range of colors, which are complemented by cozy accessories that add color accents.

True Design, following the latest trends in using fashionable colors in furniture, demonstrates the color combinations that architects and customers should take in account while working with the brand. Each color in the combination is complemented by certain tones in the required color proportion of bright and moderate accents.

Mobility as a trend comes to the smallest pieces of furniture, including ottomans and miniature chairs with folding tables. The Arper brand area presents all possible variants for these comfortable models, which can perform many functions at once for work and leisure purposes.

Gold, bronze, and brass as a base finish for chairs and tables remain in trend. Midj presents an alloy of black nickel and rose gold, which results in a beautiful shade of «pink bronze».

The division of space by furniture items into comfortable zones for individual work or private meetings remains relevant. Sofas with acoustic high backs allow for hiding from the background noise even in such crowded places as iSaloni. All these possibilities of furniture solutions are demonstrated by the Sitland brand.

The general trend of iSaloni-2019, willingly and ingeniously demonstrated by companies at their stands, is landscaping in all its forms. The exhibition is literally abounded with living plants and flowers, which create a cozy atmosphere and maintain the use of a wide variety of natural materials the exhibited furniture is made of.

As part of iSaloni, some companies hold presentations in their showrooms.

Janus et Cie presented a new outdoor furniture collection from the well-known designer Patricia Urquiola in its 4-storey showroom in the very center of Milan on via Montenapoleone. Previously, the furniture collections for the brand were designed by other famous designers Piero Lissoni, Jean-Marie Massot, and Paola Navone. This year, Patricia Urquiola herself took part in the presentation of her collection.

«We are always on the move». During iSaloni, ICF opened the doors of their beautiful showroom in the center of Milan, where it demonstrated the dynamics of its brand development by showing their functional, ergonomic and beautiful collections of tables and chairs, the new products of this season.

During the Milan week, as also called the week when the iSaloni exhibition is hold, some large companies gather their colleagues at presentation parties, where they can relax, have a tasty meal, and engage in pleasant and fruitful conversations about mutual cooperation.

Frezza held a luxurious event for its guests in a picturesque place in the center of Milan — in Villa Necchi Campiglio on Via Mozart. 600 people from all over the world were invited, including the colleagues, partners and friends of Frezza.

On another evening, the hospitable Villa Necchi Campiglio welcomed the guests of the well-known German company Wilkhahn. The company’s partners from all over the world were honored to see the new products of the brand, displayed in the banquet hall. They also listened to live music, tasted delicious snacks and had a good time with colleagues in a warm atmosphere.

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