New products 2019 in our catalog

Since the new year the catalog of CONCEPT has been replenished with the new products of the Italian factories Rexsitt and ICF.

The ICF brand was opened in the 1950s and became the first in Italy to produce partition walls (Programma Interparete, 1965) or panel systems for open spaces (Brick System, 1970, 1982/3). ICF uses very different materials in its production, including die-cast and extruded aluminium, wood and laminate, leather, textiles and upholsteries. The vital concept for the company is to guarantee absolute quality in the final product by monitoring each step closely.

In CONCEPT catalog ICF is represented by 5 new series. Pyla Mesh, Musa and Valea chairs are intended for employees, meeting rooms and executive offices. The Una series offers many different configurations. The multi-purpose chair for conference halls, libraries and waiting areas Stick Chair is presented in white mesh and comes with an optional writing tablet.

The Rexsitt factory demonstrates a unique synchro-mechanism on the Younique distinguished by a continuous seat shell model and the elegant design of the Vision chair series.

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