Interior Design — our packages of services

Having many years of experience in interior designing of office and public spaces, Concept architects are highly professional in providing Interior decoration and Schematic design services.

Service packages include certain functions and stages of work.

Interior decoration.

Performed in cases where it is necessary to keep the layout of the room, but it is required to partially or completely change its interior, update the design and refresh the atmosphere. New interior color solutions, selection of furniture, its more functional and advantageous arrangement within the existing layout will create a new aesthetics and style of space without labor-intensive planning changes and unnecessary expenses.

Interior decoration package:

  • Initial measurement plan (free of charge)

  • Moodboard

  • Furniture layout

  • 2−3 options of color solutions (collages)

Schematic design.

Performed in cases where change of layout and furniture functionality is required in an office and public space. An analysis of the existing space, a relocation of its premises by purpose, a redirection the movements of people, increase or decrease certain office areas depending on changes in office life, as well as recommendation for color solutions — all this will create a new necessary balance of functionality and beauty of the space.

Schematic design package:

  • Initial measurement plan (free of charge)

  • 2−3 options of planning solutions

  • 3D visualization (3 options of color solutions)

  • Floor plan

  • Ceiling plan

  • Walls plan indicating the materials used

We help create a space where you can work comfortably!

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