New MIG showroom in Milan

«Our world, life and communities change every day. Family homes and community environments become multi-purpose, both personal and shared. ‘Smart your life’ encapsulates our vision, our interpretation of authentic Italian skills and lifestyle».

The Venetian industrial group MIG (Mezzalira Investment Group), which unites some of the best Italian furniture and lighting manufacturers — Sitland, Jesse, Rotaliana, Sinetica, responds to the crisis by focusing on the enhancement of «Made in Italy» and its expansion globally through the opening of a large showroom in the centre of Milan, that joins the recent openings in London, Madrid and Beijing.

One of the MIG’s brands, Sitland was founded in 1977 in Vicenza. The company produces office seating, multifunctional soft seating for public spaces or residential interiors, armchairs for auditorium and theatres, as well as collections of furnishing accessories such as poufs and design tables. Concept is the exclusive dealer of the Contract collection of Sitland in Russia.

The MIG showroom is a space designed to live an experience, to welcome suggestions and find inspiration. A path to be experienced individually immersed in the design and culture of doing typical of four historic Italian furniture and lighting companies. An exclusive space located in an equally prestigious location. The palace, a stately building from the 1700s, was the subject of one of the most successful examples of interior architecture experimentation carried out by the architect Tadao Ando, ​​one of the main Japanese architects and among the greatest representatives of contemporary architecture.

MIG Milano is not simply a showroom but a space where you can explore the freedom of composition, the constant search for quality and the skilful attention to detail of a vast collection of furniture and lamps for every need, type of space and aesthetic taste.

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