Presentation of the new exposition by Walter Knoll

On March 23, the new exposition of world-famous manufacturer of high-end office furniture Walter Knoll took place in Concept’s renewed showroom. The event was visited by such Russian celebrities as Irina Khakamada, Yegor Konchalovsky, Lyubov Tolkalina, Anastasia Meskova and Ekaterina Klimova.

Markus Benz, CEO of Walter Knoll was one of the main guests. He spoke at the opening of the exhibition and told the visitors the story of the brand’s success. Mr. Benz also shared why the company’s products are so popular on the Russian market: «At Walter Knoll, we take care of the small things with excellence, and we place the needs of our clients above all else. I am very glad that now our company is gaining increasing popularity on the Russian market."

«Large Russian companies want to have in their head offices stylish furniture that has high performance characteristics, impeccable quality standards and advanced design. Surely, they are compelled to pay attention to Walter Knoll furniture since it meets all expectations, «confirms Yuri Pavlov, the managing partner of Concept.

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