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BuzziPlant is a fun-loving, decorative room divider that balances sound. This free standing sound absorbing screen is produced by unique designer and manufacturer of highly innovative European acoustic and furniture products Buzzispace. BuzziPlant was created by Belgian designer Anthony Duffeleer.

The BuzziPlants are the first room dividers that combine no less than three factors: sound insulation, design and a surface you can stick pins onto. Thanks to the striking shape and color of the three available plants, you can make a statement at home or at the office.

BuzziPlants includes three models: Doldi, Mobi and Surf. The core of the dividers is made of honeycomb cardboard while the filling is made of foam CME35H. The baseplate is produced from powder coated metal. The model is presented in a wide variety of fabrics and colors.

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