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Ginkgo is an attractive sound-absorbing solution that combines Japanese tradition with a contemporary European perspective. The wall panel is produced by Swedish furniture manufacturer Blå Station. Ginkgo was designed by Spanish studio Stone Designs in 2014.

Ginkgo is mounted on the wall with a magnetic fitting, so you can easily move around Ginkgo’s when you feel like it, maybe to change a striped wall to variegated or from light to dark. Merely by changing the colors, the simple shape of Ginkgo can bring different inspirational landscapes into the office environment.

Ginkgo reduces ambient noise and echoes in the room. Moreover, you can build the Ginkgo combination you like by simply entering the wall measurements and then choosing what colors you like. The number of Ginkgos and the fabrics are collected in a list and you can easily print a drawing that can be helpful during assembly.

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