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Oppocement is an easy-chair for outdoor use from the Oppo family of chairs and pouffs. The table is produced by Swedish furniture manufacturer Blå Station. The model was designed by internationally renown designer Stefan Borselius in 2009.

Oppocement is made in concrete and it is an outdoor version of the Oppo chair which is designed for indoor use. Oppo means friend. And now everyone can have a mate not only at home but even in the garden. Oppo inhabits a space even when no one is there. The soft shape invites you to communicate without words.

Oppocement is produced from reinforced concrete and is available in black, gray or white. The weight of the model is 450 kg. Oppocement also has a miniature version called Mini-Oppo, which can even be placed on a shelf at home or in the garden.

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