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Diva is an operative chair made by Narbutas Furniture Company that is notable for its ergonomics and innovation. Diva was designed with focus on correct posture. It will not only help to increase work efficiency but will also make any office interior brighter. The functional mechanism of the chair is combined with high quality decoration materials.

The seat of the Diva chair is upholstered with leather or fabric, its back is made of mesh. There are two types of mechanisms that can be integrated in the chair. The first one allows for adjusting the tension of the seat by a handle and the second one — by a bubble. Another option is the depth-adjustable lumbar support, which ensures optimal forward curvature of the backrest upholstery. The chair can come with or without it.

The depth of the seat can be adjusted and increased by up to 50 mm with a single click. Tilt tension adjustment allows for the regulation of seat tension depending on the person’s weight.

Diva has the synchro mechanism lockable in 5 positions with body-weight adjustment. The height of the backrest is lockable in 3 positions and can be adjusted by up to 60 mm with a single hand movement. The Diva chair is available with fixed, 3D (three-way) adjustable armrests or without them. A headrest can be additionally ordered, covered in fabric or leather and height adjustable.

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