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My Hive is an elegant and simplistic workstation with a height-adjustable desk for using in structured space and mini-conferences. The model is produced by Swedish-based furniture manufacturer Abstracta. The design of the collection was created by Danish architect and designer Poul Christiansen.

My Hive is available in two different models — a spacious, rectangular workstation, and a hexagon-shaped one. The hexagon is a natural form — that is present in the beehive, as well as on turtle shells — that makes it possible to compose dynamic and surface-efficient configurations. Sofas are available for both models.

What also distinguishes My Hive from other workstations is how great attention it pays to detail. Instead of using legs, Poul Christiansen has integrated the table-top into a 50 mm deep sound absorbent screen, thus freeing space. The mechanism for adjusting height is hidden behind zippers. Under the table, there is a smart case for the cables. My Hive comes in a variety of fabrics and colors.

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