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Privée is a lounge seating solution to meet the requirement for privacy in shared workspaces, open spaces and waiting rooms. The model is produced by one of the leading companies in the office, contract and public area seating Aresline. The design of Privée was created by well-known Milan-based design studio Progetto CMR.

Privée creates cozy and intimate places that will enhance the ambiance of the space with elegant and comfortable shapes. The Privée canopies, although enclosed, are inviting structures that wrap around the seating to ensure privacy and acoustic comfort.

The Privée lounge seating can also be fitted with convenient swivel tables. The tuffet comes as part of the refined system of seating. Privée compatible components have been designed to offer endless combinations and ease of use, generating new ideas to manage space and meet different needs with modular and repositionable pieces.

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