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In 2009 the Knoll has developed a new operative chair Generation with a flexible back. The main idea of this chair is to be in motion.

Generation operative chair has minimum quantity of manual adjustments, and the built-in synchro mechanism changes sitting depth depending on a back tilt angle that allows to feel comfortable in any position, even reclining. The chair seat quite wide and also is regulated on depth and height.

The framework of a chair is designed from eight parts and is made of innovative highly elastic polymer — elastomer — which has special durability. It can stretch in case of loadings and take the initial form again, adapting to the slightest movements of a human body. The back of a chair can be executed in 9 different colors, and the seat can be produced in textile or in leather.

The chair of Generation has been noted by prestigious awards of Best of NeoCon Gold Award 2009 and Good Design Award 2009.

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