Fritz Hansen

The history of one of the most famous Danish design studios began 125 years ago in Copenhagen on October 24, 1872 when its founder Fritz Hansen registered as «cabinetmaker». He started with making furniture details, such as armchair feet, balusters and metal frames.

In early 30-ies Fritz Hansen started his industrial furniture manufacture and began to make high-quality furniture. The year of 1934 went down in Fritz Hansen’s trademark history as in that year the factory began its cooperation with Arne Jacobsen, one of the most prominent representatives of functionalism, a reputable Danish architect and designer of furniture, interiors, fabrics, glass and metal goods. This cooperation resulted in appearance of three armchairs: Ant in 1952, Egg and Swan in 1958.

Among other masterpieces of Fritz Hansen are: VicoDuo table family, Oxford family, office armchairs Spin Burkhard Vogtherr Independence, 3107 chair family («Number 7») and many others.

Fritz Hansen Products

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