PANTONE announced the colors of 2021

International authority and trendsetter of colors, PANTONE Color Institute announced the colors of 2021 — «Illuminating» yellow and «Ultimate Gray».

For the first time in five years, the organization presented two shades at once. The combination of cold Ultimate Gray and warm Illuminating is a combination of strength and optimism, resilience and cheerfulness. Colors do not have to be used in equal proportions — any of them can dominate, and the second one can serve as a color accent.

This elegant and effective color composition can be used in any field, including clothing and accessories, and mainly in the design of objects and interiors. The quiet confidence of absolute gray, illuminated by the energy of yellow, creates a cozy atmosphere of peace and warmth in the home interior, and in office and public spaces — a positive environment of business concentration and friendly interaction.

Furniture solutions created by our partners, leading European brands, demonstrate the limitless possibilities of combining gray and yellow in interiors of different purposes.

Ultimate gray and Illuminating yellow can create a mood of light feast and peace — it does not matter whether you are working in an office in the center of the dynamic life of the city, like in the interior of the brand Sitland, or contemplating the countryside in a quiet retreat, like in the interior of the brand Tacchini.

The interiors of the brands Knoll and Narbutas demonstrate how the energy of the combination of yellow and gray attracts sunlight — a fragment of yellow upholstery in the seat or back of the chair is enough.

Neutral gray background grants the yellow chairs of the brand Andreu World to lead in the interior, and in the other case yellow lights in the interior emphasizes the noble gray leather in upholstery of the chairs of the brand ICF.

Yellow accents in the interior design expressively highlight the lightness of the Wilkhahn brand furniture in the home living room, and the ascetic sophistication of the Renz brand furniture in the executive office.

For the luxurious upholstered sofas, the premium brands Minotti and B&B Italia chose a deep shade of yellow and used it in moderate proportions alongside the dominant elegant gray shades of the upholstery.

The harmony of yellow and gray will allow you to create an elegant interior with inexpensive cafe chairs from the brand Gaber and will effect a democratic character to high-level executive furniture of the brand Bosse from the Dauphin Group.

The combination of gray and yellow colors has always been in demand by the community of architects, designers and furniture manufacturers, like presented in the interior of the brand Norr11. However, such a composition takes on a new relevance in 2021. According to the management of the Pantone Institute, " the color of the year reflects what is happening in our global culture, what people are looking for, and what this color responds to. Practical and durable, but at the same time warm and optimistic, this color combination gives us resilience and hope. We need to feel encouraged and inspired."

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