Project for the new office of INLINE GROUP

The Concept has realised the project for the new office of INLINE GROUP at the address Business center «Yakor», 2, Prichalny proyezd, Moscow.

INLINE GROUP JSC is a major Russian IT company, representing the leader on the Russian market in terms of system integration and IT consulting. The new modern office has become a comfortable environment necessary for efficient work and achieving ambitious aims set by INLINE GROUP.

As part of the project solution, we were faced with the task of placing as functionally as possible the necessary number of private offices, workplaces, public communication and recreation areas in the architectural space of the office. Concept architects developed a variety of options for the layout of furniture and the placement of the customer company’s staff. The search for the best solution was successful — the overall office space is ergonomic, functional and comfortable.

The project includes furniture from leading European brands: Frezza, Sitland, Renz, Rexsitt, Narbutas, Andreu World, Wiesner Hager, Etal, etc. To solve certain tasks, at stages of the project implementation, Concept provided the customer with warehouse facilities for temporary storage of furniture.

The Concept project covers the 5th and 6th floors of the office: executive and management offices, meeting rooms and classrooms, worksplaces for open space and specialist departments, reception areas on the 5th and 6th floors, dining rooms and coffee points, wardrobe areas and lockers, lounge seating, storage systems. In addition to standard furniture, many non-standard solutions were customized according to drawings: kitchens and bar areas, combined cabinets with perforated facades and overhead units, built-in storage with lighting, wall lamellas, etc.

When developing the new office environment, high attention was focused to minimizing the background noise. To solve this problem, most of the workplaces are completed with sound-absorbing screens, as well as acoustic panels and partitions are used.

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