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Dip — Double Dip is a bench produced by B&B Italia as part of the Project collection in 2004. This piece of furniture is created by the British interior designer Chris Howker.

Dip — Double Dip is a real piece of sculpture in the form of a minimalist bench built using a sheet of stainless steel with a thickness of 1.5 mm and a circular sanded finish. The shapes are obtained with special technology involving milling bending and welding. Apart from the steel structure the bench consists of feet of galvanized steel and plastic ferrules. The product is offered in a single size and in two different shapes.

While having a refined minimalist look, the Dip — Double Dip bench at the same time creates a feeling of massive solidity. The product is a true piece of art seeming as a sculpted monolith full of contrasts having both squared-off appearance and soft curved forms. The Dip — Double Dip bench will be an ideal option for galleries, corridor areas, atriums and other controlled public internal and external spaces.

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