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Husk is a versatile armchair with a unique design that is able to complement even the most classic sofas. This piece of furniture has been produced by B&B Italia since 2011. Husk was created by the famous Spanish interior designer, architect and designer Patricia Urquiola.

The Husk armchair has a stiff body made of hirek, that contains a soft cushion divided into portions, which seem to underscore its ergonomic profile. It is endowed with an original spirit that merges with various styles. There are three types of cushion available: standard, large and very large or with a headrest. The chair comes with or without an ottoman as footrest.

The appearance of Hust can be drastically altered due to a great variety of colors and finishes of the shell, the swivel base-frame with four spokes and covers that can be of fabric or leather, offered in a wide range of colors. The materials used for the production of the model are both recycled and recyclable allowing for the components to be fully disassembled in future. This will simplify the recycling process and reduce the environmental impact.

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