B&B Italia is a leader in the development of products designed to interpret contemporary living needs, by maintaining a high level of research and technological experimentation. Books and TV are two indispensable companions in our daily lives. Books are beautiful to show off and have almost a furnishing feature when they dress entire walls enlivening them through that ancient and unchanged material — paper. Video devices are the opposite.

50 years of history have radically changed their appearance and, despite the aesthetic attentions reserved to them, they do not always fit harmoniously in the domestic context. This is the reason why people often prefer to hide their presence. The bookcase provides an interesting solution to accommodate television and video and hi-fi accessories which presents a wide range of compositional and chromatic possibilities.

Extremely thin horizontal geometries of technological innovation give life to a furnishing project which do not impose on the environment, but elegantly solves the functions for which it is designed. The bookshelf is more than just storage, but a perfect place where «knowledge» is focused and displayed as a corner to consult, relax and find a pleasant solitude.

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