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Terminal 1 is a chaise longue created by the top French designer Jean-Marie Massaud. This iconic piece of furniture was released by B&B Italia in 2008.

The Terminal 1 daybed is a distinctive item that challenges the current scene with its fluid shapes, balance between seats and metal support, contrast between glossy and matt finish that enhance the sophistication of its monochrome image. The model possesses the basic features of a sculpture with a lucid plastic body, seeming to float on a metallic frame and varnished with the same color but with a matt finishing.

Terminal 1 carries the double function of an armchair and chaise longue. The covering and colors chosen for the daybed allow for creating a monochromatic effect that highlights the formal elegance of the piece. The leather gamma includes three colors, just the same as the ones used for the glossy and matt varnishing: white, anthracite and chamomile.

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